American Athletic Conference Tournament Winners and Losers

Well, these past 4 days the City Beautiful Orlando hosted the American Athletic Conference Tournament. It was a 12 team tournament with Cincinnati, Wichita State, Houston, and Tulsa earning the top 4 seeds in the tournament.  And in doing so they had byes to the Quarterfinals of the tournament. But before I get into the actual tournament I want to talk about attendance. It was downright awful no other way to put it. It was shocking to see the attendance being as low as it was. Despite the attendance issues the tournament had a lot of memorable moments.

The Winners

What can you say about Cincinnati, they were clearly the class of the conference and the tournament showcased that for them. Because of this, the NCAA Selection Committee rewarded them with a 2 seed in the South Region. Gary Clark recorded his American Athletic Conference-leading 12th double-double in the Championship game going 20 points and 12 Boards. He was named MOP (Most Outstanding Player) for the tournament and deservedly so.

The Runners Up

Houston looking to win their first conference title had a chance to win this game with 4 seconds left and the ball down 1. But an errant pass led to a turnover and Cincy was able to run out the clock. Corey Davis was named to the All-Tournament Team and scored 15 points in the championship game.

Most Memorable Moment

After Tulsa had tied the game at 64 in the quarterfinals Kareem Brewton Jr brought the ball up court and hit a game winning 3 pointer at the buzzer.  It was a tremendous shot and a definite backbreaker to Tulsa. You have to feel for Tulsa but also have to be proud of the way Memphis finished the game.

The Unfortunate Losers

UCF’s basketball team suffered the biggest loss in this tournament. Not only were they eliminated by Houston which ended any hope of making the NCAA Tournament but they were also not invited to the NIT tournament. A disappointing end to what started as a promising season but was derailed by injuries.

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