WWE: Four things that need to be answered before WrestleMania 34

We are now less than a month away from WrestleMania 34. As of now, there are only four confirmed matches. You have the Universal, WWE Championship, and Intercontinental matches. In addition, you have the mixed tag match between Angle/Rousey and Triple H/Stephanie. The WWE still has a lot to answer and not much time.


Here are some of what the WWE still needs to answer before WrestleMania 34?

1 – Who will fight for the tag titles? It seems that there is a mystery to who the Usos and the Bar will be defending their titles against at WrestleMania. While there have been reports that the WWE has no plans for the Bar, the Usos may have two options for WrestleMania. They could either be in a triple threat match between them, New Day, and the Bludgeon Brothers. The other option is just a one on one match between the Usos and Bludgeon Brothers.

2 – Will the Usos be on the main card? Sticking with the Usos for one second. Since they have been in WWE, they have always been on the kickoff show of WrestleMania. It is safe to say that we are seeing their best work now as heels. I don’t see any reason the WWE shouldn’t reward them by being on the main show.

3 – Will the women have their own battle royal? It seems that the WWE wants to give the women superstars more time. The feeling is that we could see as many as five women matches at this years WrestleMania. If they go the battle royal route, I would like to it be Chyna Memorial Battle Royal. They already have the Mae Young Classic, so they won’t use her. It is also about time that the WWE honor Chyna.

4 – What will guys like Braun Strowman and Elias be doing? It seems that the WWE isn’t sure what they are doing with two of their more popular superstars. There are one set of rumors claiming that they will be in the IC match and another one is saying that they will be the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. The same could be said about Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as well.

Hopefully, we will get answers to these and much more over the next several weeks heading into WrestleMania 34.



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