Taste The Love At Hershey Chocolate World

Visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania will consist of a lot of chocolate consumption. While some thrill seekers set their sights on Hershey Park, there are also those that prefer Hershey’s Chocolate World. After spending a half day there, I can safely say it’s worth the time and effort to visit.

You’re immersed in a world of Hershey. The shop contains all kinds of apparel and kids goodies from your favorite Hershey products. And there’s the store which features every type of Hershey candy possible. Your Hershey needs are covered here.

Chocolate World features a few different attractions. On my visit, I did all four. They consist of making your own chocolate bar, taste testing, a museum with an outstanding dark ride, and a 4D show.

Of the four attractions, I’d probably say the dark ride and 4D show were the best, especially if you have kids. There was enough going on in both to keep anyone entertained. And yes, the adults will enjoy themselves too. Just be warned, the song on the dark ride is quite catchy and will stick in your head weeks after your visit.

Hershey Chocolate World Is Full Of Excitement

I’d probably rank the taste test as my third favorite attraction. You do get to eat a lot of free candy. It’s not very exciting for the little ones. There where quite a few details about the taste of chocolate bars you would never think of. It works a lot better if you have a strong palate.

The create your own chocolate bar was enjoyable. I thought it would be more hands on. Still, the satisfaction of making, and holding, a candy bar I helped create was rewarding. It’s also a big candy bar as well. You’ll be able to enjoy it for quite some time.

I’d recommend getting to Chocolate World when they first open. Things weren’t as hectic at first, but as the day went on the place was almost filled. And as expected, lines for the dark ride and other attractions became quite long.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun, family-filled day at Hershey without visiting the Theme Park, check out Chocolate World. It’s an amazing time for young, middle-aged, and old fans of everything chocolate.

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