Politics: Donald Trump Is Trying To Get The Russian Investigation Wrapped Up

For the last year, the FBI has investigated the Trump administration to see if there has been any collusion. One of the people who Special Counselor Robert Mueller has tried to interview is President Donald Trump. There have been various reports that Trump’s lawyers have advised him not to go through with it. However, it seems that Mueller may be getting his wish. According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump’s lawyers are somehow working out a deal that if Trump sits down with the interview that the Trump part of the investigation comes to an end.


According to sources, there are two options that the Trump legal team are using as leverage with Mueller. The first one is that Mueller would provide a date to when they would stop investigating Trump’s part. The idea was it would be 60 days after the interview. The second possible idea by the Trump legal team is for them to get a scope of what the questions would be. It’s expected that Trump would get grilled on his decisions to fire both Michael Flynn and James Comey. I truly hope Mueller doesn’t take either option.

Does Donald Trump Need To Grow Up?

If Trump was not acting like a five-year-old kid, he would not be dodging questions and other things related to the Russian investigation. The more he dodges this, it makes me feel that he’s hiding stuff. A mature person would answer any questions and go at it like a man. But Trump isn’t mature at all and most of the time comes off like a kid. I find it funny that he thinks that the Russian investigation is hurting our country. I’m sorry to tell the President that he has hurt our country with his own actions. This is just the icing on the cake.

I feel that Trump taking office has set our country back that it will take a long time to recover from. Mr. Trump tweeted back in January about the investigation: ” On and on it goes. Russia and the world are laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing.” Again, Mr. President, they are laughing at the fact that a celebrity got voted in as the President. The stupidity that is going on is because of what you are doing.



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