WWE is foolish to not have The Bar defend titles at WrestleMania 34

The WWE is missing a golden opportunity with the RAW Tag team Titles at WrestleMania. There have been reports coming out that as of now the WWE has no plans for the Bar to defend the titles on the grandest stage and may keep them off the show. This isn’t the first time that the WWE may not put a title on one of its bigger shows. At the 2014 SummerSlam, the US Title nor the Tag Titles were defended. I am of the mindset that all the titles should be defended on the big shows like WrestleMania.


I know that they are filing the card out. However, you could have an open challenge. I have been saying for the last few weeks to have Sheamus and Cesaro come to the ring and cut a promo like this. You can have them say, “We have beaten them all and no one can rise to the bar in the tag team division.” After that, I would have Cesaro turn around and say, ” We are laying out a challenge to any team that thinks they can rise to the bar”.

There are so many options that the WWE can go here. You can bring up one of the NXT teams like Authors of Pain, Sanity, or War Machine. Another option is to have a team come over from Smackdown. There have been rumblings of another WWE Draft happening. Why not start it early. You can have Rusev/English, Breezeango, or another team not used much on the blue brand,

Personally, I think the NXT route would be the best way to go. As we saw when Baron Corbin won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32, the fans love surprises. No one thought that someone from NXT could win the battle royal and he did. I could only imagine the pop that an NXT team would get if they were to answer the challenge.

Let us know in the comments below to who you think the Bar should face at WrestleMania 34?



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