WWE: If Ricochet is 205 Live Bound, Then You Can’t Pigeonholed Them

I know Ricochet has yet to have an NXT match. However, there is already talks of him within the WWE going to 205 Live. It is being reported that it would be him and Lio Rush that would be the next to get called up to 205 Live. It’s a great idea on paper. The 205 Live has not been able to get the results that they thought they would have gotten. A major reason for why 205 Live hasn’t been able to succeed is due to bad booking.


However, since Triple H took over, there has been a huge difference. For starters, the matches have been great and there is less drama, In addition, we have seen the likes of Rodrick Strong, Buddy Murphy, Hideo Itami, and others make the move to the brand. The possible additions of Ricochet and Lio Rush are great for the brand. However, both stars have too much talent that they shouldn’t be intertwined. Ricochet is talented enough for both 205 and the main roster. There has been this feeling that there are certain guys on the 205 roster who could be on the main roster.

For a bit of time, 205 had some really top guys like Austin Aries, Nevile, Enzo Amore, and Rich Swann to name a few. I know people hate Enzo Amore, but he did bring viewers to the brand. However, due to personal issues and booking decisions, three of them have left and one is holding out. A reason Aries left was that he was stuck in 205 and nothing else. You can’t do that with a guy like Ricochet. He has the talent and in-ring ability to have great programs with guys like Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and others.

To put it simply, I am all for the WWE putting him on 205 Live. However, you better not limit him to just that division or you are wasting a talent.



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