NXT: Who’s The Best Man To Win The North American Title?

Who should win the NXT North American title? We’ve got Killian Dain, Velveteen Dream, EC3, Ricochet, Adam Cole, and Lars Sullivan fighting for the chance to win the belt. This will be a 6-man ladder match. So, the winner of the belt will most assuredly deserve it.

If you had to pick a winner now, it’s either Velveteen Dream or Ricochet. The only reason for this is the two seem to be setting up for a feud after Takeover New Orleans. If one wins the North American title, the feud for the two could be for that belt. Of course, of the two of them, Ricochet would probably win, as Velveteen Dream would be much more convincing as the spiteful runner-up.

As for Cole and Dain, they might get the call-up to the main roster after New Orleans. With Bobby Fish out of action for 6-8 months, Vince and Triple H will not want to waste time with Cole. They’ll put him on the main roster. As for Dain, himself and the rest of Sanity deserve to be on the main roster as well

Sullivan and EC3 are the final two. Don’t expect Lars Sullivan to win. He’s not very well seasoned in NXT. Sure he’d make a great champ one day, but there’s still a lot to work on. EC3 is the darkhorse of this match. We know he’s in NXT for about the next year, so his winning the belt could happen. Although, EC3 is more NXT title worthy than secondary belt.

Aside from Sullivan, there’s really no wrong answer as to who can win this match. You’d not expect Cole or Dain to win because they might be main roster bound, but if NXT will be their home until SummerSlam, then I’m all for having them win the belt. The other three (Ricochet, Dream, EC3) are staying in NXT, so them winning seems more logical, as they’ve got time until they hit the main roster.

The NXT North American title is going to be held in high regard if anyone one of these men gets the belt. They are all talented wrestlers that can draw a lot of praise from the crowd. Again, I single out Sullivan because he’s the one that needs a little more work. Otherwise, any of these five men would make a great champ.

NXT and Triple H hold these wrestlers in very high regard. They’ve signed most of them for a reason (Cole, Dain, Ricochet, EC3) and have developed others (Sullivan, Dream) for this type of situation. It’s a chance to win the first-ever North American title. The winner will be the best man for it, and NXT is going to thrive with them on top.

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