Cleveland Browns: Putting out the NFL’s Dumpster Fire

The Cleveland Browns are no longer a dumpster fire. GM John Dorsey and company are making moves and getting better. On Friday, they traded for QB Tyrod Taylor, CB Demarious Randall, and WR Jarvis Landry. All of these moves better their team immediately. Especially the Randall and Landry trades. The Browns are showing that they mean business. The kicker in all of this is that free agency has not even started yet. In saying that, the Cleveland Browns will be major free agent players too. I think the league better take notice. The Browns are no longer the dumpster fire in the NFL.

Teaming Landry with players like Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, and David Njoku gives the Cleveland Browns offense a legit chance against the top defenses in the NFL. Just imagine if they were able to select Penn State’s Saquon Barkley with the number one overall pick in April’s Draft. This offense could easily become one of the top offenses in the league.

Meanwhile, just because they traded for Tyrod Taylor from the Buffalo Bills does not mean they are out of the free agent QB talk. After all, it is nice to have two QBs on a roster as opposed to none. I look for the Browns to make a run at either Kirk Cousins or AJ McCarron next week. In fact, if they are able to land either of them, we may just be talking about the Cleveland Browns making the playoffs. Yes, I just said it, PLAYOFFS!

How about the defensive move? They now will have a legitimate secondary. Hence, having Demarious Randall playing opposite Jason McCourty. They will also be able to keep Jabrill Peppers as a true safety. Although he is a tremendous run stopper. Thus, they may want to let him play close to the line of scrimmage at times. Either way, the Cleveland Browns will be a better defense.

As I was saying in the open, the Cleveland Browns are no longer the dumpster fire of the NFL. Indeed, these moves and aggressive nature of the front office are serious. Let us see what they do next week when free agency starts. In fact, I look for them to be just as aggressive.

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