WWE: Carmella still holding the briefcase is pointless

Carmella is still holding the briefcase. She was the inaugural winner of the first WWE Woman’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. However, since she is no longer with James Ellsworth, there is no point to her holding the briefcase. It is not her fault at all and if there is blame to pass on it is the people who are booking her.


It is worth noting that Carmella has only been wrestling for a few years. I will admit there are parts of her in-ring work that have gotten better in small bits. However, when she won the ladder match she had Ellsworth. From a booking aspect, it made sense for her. However, now it is pointless. Another reason it has been pointless to have Carmella hold the briefcase is that she has one singles victory since she won the briefcase last June. Her last singles victory came on an episode of Smackdown in August of 2017. By having her loss in both tag matches and singles matches, you are hurting any credibility she would have as an eventual champion. I get it that she is a heel and all, but she hasn’t even used the briefcase to win.

I don’t see her cashing in at Fastlane on Charlotte. Which means we are probably not getting a cash in until WrestleMania. If she does cash in and can beat whoever the Smackdown Live Woman’s Champion happens to be, it will hurt the belt a lot. Carmella has had a lot of opportunities and has failed. My hope is that she cashes in and is unsuccessful.

If the WWE was truly behind building Carmella into one of the more impactful wrestlers in the woman’s division, then you would have had her get more than one win in a year. WWE Fastlane is this Sunday and is the last pay-per-view before WrestleMania.



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