Six Flags Great America Is Home To A Damn Good RMC In Goliath

I didn’t know what to expect out of Goliath at Six Flags Great America. Some say it’s the best RMC coaster. Others knock it for its short length. I’m not going to say it’s the best RMC that I’ve done but it’s a top-ten coaster for me. That should give you some idea of how I felt about the ride.

Honestly, I had no idea Goliath was such a massive structure until I saw it in person. The first drop looked like it could have been over 250 ft. Seeing the massive wooden structure was one of the most satisfying sights I’ve seen at a theme park. It was especially satisfying to see at a Six Flags park.

The ride itself didn’t disappoint. I had flash pass, which I actually didn’t need as the park was dead, so I was able to get three good rides in on Goliath. I never got a front row ride but did secure two in the very back. Truthfully, I can’t see the front row being much better.

I’m not sure how I felt about the coaster trains. The design of them were beautiful. The front of the Goliath logo stands out as it pulls into the station. It was the awkward leg restraints that I wasn’t a fan of. Although, after my second ride I just got used to it.

Of course I’m going to geek out over the 85 degree drop. I’ve never been so amazed by a rides opening statement. Maverick at Cedar Point is my all-time favorite coaster mostly because of its first drop, and I thought Goliath was better.

As for the ride elements, I was blown away once again. Ever since my ride on El Loco at the Adventuredome I’ve been a huge fan of dive loops. Goliath’s dive loop is so quick that I didn’t even realize the element until my third ride.

While the drop and dive loop were impressive, its zero gravity stall is what I’ll remember most. You’re going so fast that it’s almost a surreal experience to slow and stop. It’s one of the most intense portions of a ride I’ve been on, topping Behometh’s double helix.

Of course, as with many coaster enthusiasts, the issue I had with Goliath was the length of the ride. For such a rewarding and thrilling coaster, to have it end so quickly is a real disappointment.

I’m not going to let ride time get in the way of what I belive to be a top-ten coaster. With this being my first RMC I didn’t know what to expect. As I’ve done Lightning Rod since, I can say that while it might not be as good as that is on the RMC side of things, you shouldn’t miss this coaster at Six Flags Great America.

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