Cedar Point: Is It Time To Add A Watercoaster To The Park?

Cedar Point Shores seems attracted big crowds for Cedar Point in 2017. With the refurbishment that were unveiled last season, CP has shown they are willing to invest a lot of money in the waterpark to spike attendance.

Does this mean that Cedar Point Shores is a completed project? Or are other enhancements to the water park forthcoming? While we won’t see any new additions to the water park for 2018, it’s an almost certainty that we see Cedar Point Shores expand in the near future.

Theme/amusement parks have got very elaborate with their watermarks. With Six Flags Fiesta Texas adding a water coaster to their lineup of water park rides, Cedar Fair could place a similar attraction at one of their parks. If this were to happen, what better place to open than Shores?

It’s entirely feasible to build a first class water coaster at the park. There is plenty of room to place such an attraction. You could eliminate some of the existing parking for Cedar Point shores. Also throw in the option of removing some of the older or less popular slides. The location of the coaster could have a great impact on its appeal.

Imagine having a water coaster interact with Magnum. The water ride could go under the hyper-coaster, run side by side with it, or if they are really ambitious (and this is a highly unlikely scenario) go over Magnum. It would be unlike any water coaster in the world if this were to occur.

You’d think Cedar Point would have something big planned for the 150th anniversary in 2020. Everyone expects a massive coaster for that time, and they might get it. But no plans have been announced for 2019. And it’s possible Cedar Point add both a water coaster and roller coaster for the 150th as well. Basically, we could see one pop up at any time.

Adding a water coaster would be a wise move for Cedar Point Shores. It’s only fitting as Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world. Let’s see what CP has in store for the future of Shores. Do they invest in a water coaster? It’s yet to be seen if they will, but they should.

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