WWE: New Belt to be shown at NXT Takeover New Orleans (contains spoilers)

WWE is truly on the road to WrestleMania. At tonight’s taping of NXT, General Manager William Regal made an interesting announcement. He announced that one of the matches at NXT Takeover New Orleans will be a six-man ladder match. Thus, to crown the first NXT North American champion. He would also go ahead and announce that the six people in this match would be as follows: Lars Sullivan, Killian Dain, Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, and recent NXT signees Ricochet and Ethan Carter 3.


This is great for the brand of NXT. Since it has become the third brand of WWE, there has been a clamoring for a secondary title. The feeling was since you have the NXT title, you need another title for some of the mid-carders to fight for. In essence, this is the IC or US belt for NXT. Now as far as who could win this match, there are a few ways the NXT can go about it.

You can put the belt on someone like EC3 or Ricochet to give the belt some credibility. The other option is to put it on someone like Velveteen Dream who could help where he stands in the WWE. Unfortunately, I don’t see someone like Lars Sullivan winning it because the WWE has done nothing with him in the last month or so. They haven’t done anything with him because he hasn’t been on TV.

Due to how well the Takeover events have been. The way the card is looking to shape out, this may not be the match of the night. It will probably be in the discussions of top 3 and that may be pushing it. But it will be neat to see a secondary title on NXT and help the mid-card division.

NXT Takeover is the night before WrestleMania and will be headlined by Almas going up against Aleister Black.



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