The Tick: What Does AEGIS Want With The Tick And Arthur?

Season 1 of The Tick on Amazon ended with a rather interesting surprise. After Midnight tells Arthur, “Big Brother is watching”, we see AEGIS drones overhead of both the Tick and Arthur. It appears the superhero agency is tracking two of them.

Arthur always wanted to be a superhero. He’s finally gotten his wish. As soon as you’re on the radar of AEGIS, it’s a sign you’re recognized as a superhero. With the agency seemingly ignoring Arthur’s claims that the Terror was dead before, he’s now the focus of their attention.

What could AEGIS want with Arthur and The Tick? Aside from tracking them, there’s got to be some sort of motive for their interest. Could it be Arthur’s suit? Or is AEGIS just keeping a more watchful eye on them going forward?


The Tick and Arthur are some of the most careless superheroes ever. They manage to save the world, but not without destroying some things in the process. Indeed, it would stand to reason that AEGIS does need to keep watch on them. They haven’t done a lot to ensure staying out of trouble.

If Midnight’s words were true, then Arthur and Tick need to watch their every move. The Tick has no care in the world about this. Arthur will be completely paranoid. Knowing his ability to freak out, it’s going to be interesting seeing how he handles all the pressures of being a superhero.

We’ve seen The Tick and Arthur overcome some very long odds. As they continue to fight crime in the city, they’ll face even more adversity. We don’t know what AEGIS wants from them. Could they be plotting to take down Tick and Arthur? That’s probably not the case. Still, we can’t be sure Arthur and The Tick are home free. Hence, there’s a lot of work to be done.


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