March Madness: What Makes the Tournament Exciting

As we turn the calendar to the month of March something epic is about to happen. That’s right it’s time for college basketball to shine. March Madness is upon us. This is the time of year when we all set the TV and radios to watch and listen to the excitement. As a college basketball fan this great for me. It brings out what sports is supposed to be about, the love of the game.

College athletes do not get paid until the next level. If he or she even gets to that level. I know that there are fishy things going on in the NCAA but that’s another story. Here what I think makes March Madness so exciting. First, we all get to see little schools that no one has heard of are brought to the center stage. Second, the exciting finishes that the games bring. Last, brackets filling them out are exciting and annoying at the same time.

As the conference tourneys begin the schools that we know are hoping to punch their ticket to the big dance. We all have a favorite team that we are hoping goes all the way. As we know there are small universities throughout the country that we have never heard of that punch their ticket to the big dance. Now, I know we don’t cheer for these teams because we don’t know them. Nonetheless, some of them can become a Cinderella. Thus, making the tournament that much more exciting to watch.


These small schools also can cause your brackets to bust as well. The true fans of college basketball want to see one of these Cinderella’s go all the way. Just like in all sports, after a while, all the fans are tired of seeing the same teams win over and over again. Let’s see which one of these small schools become a bracket buster or a Cinderella. Also, can they go all the way to a National Championship?

To me, the most exciting part of March Madness is the exciting finishes. When it comes down the last basket to decide the game. Indeed, giving some fans an absolute heart attack. The Cinderella could be one that has this opportunity. Furthermore, knocking out a big school right out of the tournament. During a game, a coach calls a timeout to set up what he or she thinks is the right play for the winning basket. Thus, sending their team further into the tourney.

Now it doesn’t always end up being a good shot to make it exciting either. Sometimes as a fan you might hope they don’t make the winning shot. It might be someone blocking a shot or a steal of the ball for your team to seal the excitement. Hence, securing the team going for the winning shot doesn’t get the opportunity. As long as these tournaments continue on there will be exciting finishes in a good and bad way.

The most annoying but also exciting is filling out brackets. We have all filled out one and have either had it be good or absolutely horrible. The annoying part is we all trust the experts. Additionally, we watch all these shows to help assist us with our brackets. Then when our brackets blow up, stress and annoyance set in because we put our trust in them. The frustrating part is that small school or Cinderella causes the issues. In fact, many experts do not predict the upset.


An additional reason is that we spend upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars on these brackets. We do so in hopes of winning the big money prize. Which in some cases is nearly impossible, unless a person achieves a perfect bracket. However, every once in a while we see one and it shocks us.

Up to now the President of the United States used to fill out the bracket which was cool to see. However, current president Donald Trump has stopped that tradition.

No matter if a person doesn’t fill out a bracket or hopes a small school goes all the way, March Madness will still be fun to watch. We either have the option of watching in on TV or listening to on the radio. I know that not many listen to it in the radio anymore but if a person works and don’t have access to a television this is the way to be able to see how your bracket is doing or listen to the exciting finishes. There are many of us that do all three make a bracket, love to see a small school go all the way, or sit on the edge of our seats for those exciting finishes. In the end, this all for fun to see if these schools can go all the way to a national championship.

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