New York Giants: The addition of Alec Ogletree is a massive upgrade

We are a few days away from the NFL Free Agency period beginning. While there have been several moves complete already, there was one that came out of nowhere. It was announced on Wednesday afternoon that the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Rams have agreed on a deal. The Giants will send their fourth and sixth round picks of the 2018 draft to the Rams. On the flip side, the Los Angeles Rams are sending a seventh-round pick for the 2019 draft and Inside Linebacker Alec Ogletree to the Giants. He did re-sign a four-year, $42 million dollar deal with the Rams back in 2017,


In his two seasons with the Rams, he would have over 200 tackles and two sacks. What makes this even better is that Ogletree is only 26 years old. This means that the Giants could use him for quite some time. It is worth noting that Ogletree is a massive upgrade for the Giants who have had plenty of issues at the linebackers position in the last few seasons.He brings speed and playmaking ability to an area that hasn’t been to where it should be for the Giants.

When you look at this move from the Giants perspective, it is a major win for them. However, it also shows that they want to win as much as they can with Eli Manning running the team. I still figure that they will take a quarterback in the draft, but this trade will make things very interesting come draft time. Personally, I like the move for the New York Giants. It shows the fans that the 3-13 record that they had last season will be a distant memory.

It is worth mentioning that trades can’t be made official until 4 pm on March 14th. At that time, teams can sign and trade for players.



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