NFL Free Agency: Why is no one talking about Drew Brees?

We are exactly one week out from the start of the new NFL League Year. Several free agents are getting the buzz from all the media outlets. However, no one is even talking about one relatively big name. That is New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees. Everyone expects him to re-up with his current team. Nonetheless, until that happens, he needs to be a consideration in free agent talks. Thus, he could find himself wearing a different uniform in 2018 and beyond.

Why would a team not consider Brees? He is an 18-year veteran who still has gas left in the tank. Put him in the right situation and he could give you two or three more good years. Still, no one is mentioning his name as part of their free agency plans.

Drew Brees has completed 70% of his NFL passes for 70,445 yards in his career. Along with that abundant amount of yardage, Mr. Brees has 488 TDs to only 228 INTs. That is nearly a 2-1 TD-INT Ratio.

Several teams could offer Brees a boatload of money. The Cleveland Browns are $108 Million under the cap. The New York Jets are under the cap by $92 million. We have already mentioned the Minnesota Vikings as a possible landing spot. You also have to throw in the Denver Broncos as a fifth possible spot.

Broncos GM John Elway like himself veteran QBs. He made a move for Peyton Manning back in 2011. Could he make a move for Drew Brees too, if he is available? Denver may not be able to offer the money of the other teams. Nevertheless, the Broncos could offer an opportunity to return to the Super Bowl.

Many see the Denver Broncos as only an arm away from returning to contention. If they are unable to land Kirk Cousins, and they most certainly will try, why not fly on Brees?

Drew Brees is a dark horse in this free agency QB race. He is not being considered because of the expectation that he will only re-up with the Saints. However, until his name is on the dotted line he has to be considered by QB needy teams.

So, where do you think Drew Brees ends up? Leave a comment below.

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