Hersheypark: Get Your Adrenaline Rush On Storm Runner

Of all the coasters at Hersheypark, the most intense is without question Storm Runner.

Some other coasters such as Skyrush offer more air time and are taller. Great Bear might give you inversions. Although, Storm Runner is an entirely different animal. And it’s one of the coasters you must do at Hersheypark regardless of how long the wait is.

Similar to rides such as Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka, Storm Runner features a Hydraulic launch. The coaster shoots you from 0-72 mph in 2 seconds. And while that might not be as fast as the previously mentioned coasters, it’s still an intense thrill.

The major difference with Storm Runner and something like Top Thrill Dragster is that this coaster shoots you over the top hat element, sending you down 180 feet where you’re then met with more elements such as cobra loop, a heartline roll, and an interesting element I didn’t notice, a flying snake dive.


Let’s get one thing straight, Storm Runner is an entirely different coaster than Kingda Ka and Top Thrill. It’s not fair to compare them to each other. The launch of Storm Runner can be just as nerve-wracking though, as you’ll sit at the launch point for quite some time, all while questioning your sanity.

Here’s my one issue with Storm Runner. The coaster is incredibly short, only lasting about 50 seconds. With all that’s going on, you want the ride to last a lot longer. Also, while not a major issue, the shoulder harness didn’t leave much room for air time. It would have done a lot more good with just seat belts and lap bar restraints.

Overall, Storm Runner is a great coaster. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite at Hersheypark, but, as mentioned before, it’s the most intense. If you’re looking for a ride to wake you up in the morning, this is it.


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