Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Five Teams that Could Trade for Nick Foles

When the Philadelphia Eagles lost starting QB Carson Wentz to a torn ACL in 2017, many thought their season was over. After all, he was in the running for MVP and probably would have won the award had it not been for the injury. In steps Nick Foles. Foles had very little playoff experience and often rode a roller coaster of skill. However, 2017 would be different, as Foles would lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl LII Championship. Also, becoming MVP along the way. So, what are the Eagles to do with Foles? Do they hold onto him or trade him? A report says that an AFC team has offered a second round pick for his services. If they trade him, I have five teams that could be trade partners.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are in need of a QB. They currently have none on their roster. So why not trade for a player like Foles? Thus, he could come in and offer some veteran leadership along with solidifying a position of need for several years.

  1. Miami Dolphins

Are the ‘Phins really sold on Ryan Tannehill? Maybe. I mean, Adam Gase does have a winning record win Tannehill is on the field. Nonetheless, this could be an interesting move. It would not only save the Dolphins in cap space, it could also secure the position in case the Dolphins wanted to move on from Tannehill.

  1. Buffalo Bills

Head Coach Sean McDermott has said that he will not release incumbent QB Tyrod Taylor unless they have the position secure. Trading for Nick Foles would do just that. It could also reunite him with former teammate LeSean McCoy. Add in Zay Jones and Charles Clay and the Bills could see a return to the playoffs.

  1. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are one of the most talked about teams when it comes to the QB position. They are in talks about Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, and draft picks. There was even some talk that they have engaged the Cleveland Browns in talks for the number one pick. Could they also consider a trade for the reigning Super Bowl MVP? I would not put it past John Elway to consider this move.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts, along with the rest of the NFL are uncertain about the status of Andrew Luck. In fact, newly signed head coach Frank Reich just left the Eagles to sign with the Colts. Could this be a team that is willing to make a move for Nick Foles? Pairing him with Marlon Mack and T.Y. Hilton could bring the Colts back in the picture. It certainly would make for an interesting development.

I do not think the Philadelphia Eagles are actively shopping Nick Foles. However, if the right deal came along, what is not to say that they would not move him. I could see this taking place after free agency.

Do you think Nick Foles will be with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018? Leave a comment below.

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