Minnesota Vikings: Could Drew Brees be on a Secondary Radar?

When you think about the 2017 Minnesota Vikings, you think about Case Keenum and the Minneapolis Miracle. How about in 2018, what do you think about when it comes to the Vikings? This team is in a small transition. They currently have one QB on the roster. He is a second-year player, Kyle Sloter who the Vikings picked up after the Denver Broncos released him. However, I am not sure that this is a team that wants to ride on a second-year arm. Especially after playing in the NFC Championship. While everyone is talking about Kirk Cousins to the Vikes, there is one no one seems to mention. That player is Drew Brees.

Yes, it is clear that Brees and the New Orleans Saints want to stay married. Nonetheless, what could happen if the two sides did not reach a deal? Where would the Vikings turn if they could not meet a deal with Kirk Cousins? A Drew Brees and Minnesota Vikings marriage could be the next best thing.

The Vikings have close to $51 million in salary cap space. That is more than enough money to offer to the outstanding veteran. Additionally, the Minnesota Vikings could then draft a younger talent to learn behind Drew Brees. A player like Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph or Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta is two that come to mind. These two young, talented arms could benefit sitting behind a solid vet like Brees.

Also, imagine this. Drew Brees throwing to Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph. He also has a running game similar to what he had with the Saints. Especially when Dalvin Cook returns from injury. Let us not forget the Minnesota Vikings have Latavius Murray in that mix. In saying all of that, this move could make total sense.

Again, it is hard to imagine the Saints and Drew Brees not coming to an agreement. However, never say never. Stranger things have happened in the NFL. This could just be one of those dreams that fans of the Minnesota Vikings could find themselves waking up to.

How would you feel about Drew Brees in a Minnesota Vikings uniform? Leave a comment below.

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