Dangers of Youth Tackle Football

We all know that tackle football is a dangerous sport. Football is one of the most physical and emotional demanding sports. The sport isn’t for everyone. The sport is violent from the hits and injuries that come along with it. The goal of any football player is to make it the pros. Not everyone that puts on a uniform achieves that goal. The reason for concern is head trauma. The human brain is not made to take heavy and constant blows to it. The scary part is, it may all start with Youth Football.

We have a new epidemic in head trauma– CTE. CTE is also known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy which is caused by concussions and constant head trauma. The bad part is a person can’t be tested for it until after they are dead. The average football player begins their journey very young. This could possibly be the start of the dangers of youth tackle football.

With all the CTE and concussion news as of late, parents are starting to wonder what they should do if their children want to play tackle football. The game of football is not for everyone and to send your kid out on a field to get pounded is not a good thing for him or her in the future. To tackle a person it takes skill on how to do it the right way in which not to cause injury. When it comes to youth football as I’ve been told and seen in person there are about 3 out of the 11 players that can tackle the proper way. With those stats that’s a scary situation.

The three players that were taught the proper way to tackle are the ones that cause the injuries because the person they are tackling may not be fit to play football. In a case I heard on the radio, a kid hit the another so hard he had to leave the field on a stretcher. He didn’t hit him illegally, he was taught the proper way to tackle and followed through. The kid that hit the other wanted to call the hospital after the game to see if the kid that he hit was okay. The other 8 players either are grabbing for jerseys or are physically unable to play the game.

Is Youth Football Really That Dangerous?

Now the parents of this kid that was taken off the field on a stretcher should be asking themselves should he have been out there? Most parents see their children making them tons of money in sports. This is why some of them just put their kids back out there because all they see are dollar signs, they don’t see the damage they are causing. The children who are hit hard can go through an emotional letdown and think just because they can’t play football they can’t do anything right. An important area of concern is if they continue to take headshots for the trauma of football it can cause them health concerns as they get older or cause their brain not to develop the right way.

As a result, some parents are concerned and want to know what the right age is for starting to play football. Many sources have said that it would be good to start at the age of 12. If they want to play youth football before then, the parents might want to try flag football. This type of football has no contact, and instead of a helmet, they wear a flag around their waist and the way you stop them is by pulling the flag off. This is a way to keep children that are young from getting hurt now or having to deal with the effects later in their lives. Now we should not be blaming the children, sometimes the parents are to blame as well.

Football will always be a very dangerous sport. There’s no need to jeopardize our children’s future if he or she doesn’t belong on the field. If he or she wants to play football, let them start in flag football and see if they are able too. If so, try to get them a coach or coaches who can help them tackle properly. This way they don’t hurt themselves or other players. The parents also need to start paying attention to their children’s health, not just the dollar signs. The game of football is great and if we don’t change something soon the game will fade away as the youth stops playing.

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