Chicago Bears: Is Trading Jordan Howard Really A Bad Move?

The Chicago Bears are working on a trade that could send Jordan Howard to Miami for Jarvis Landry, but is it worth it?

It sounds like the Chicago Bears are looking to make another big splash before the NFL Draft. Last year, they moved up one slot to take Mitchell Trubisky in a deal that was widely panned by many pundits.  This season, the Bears have discussed swapping their No. 8 overall pick with the Miami Dolphins for wide receiver Jarvis Landry, the No. 11 overall pick, and a third-round pick. However, it is the other asset in the deal that the Bears would be giving up that would make this a horrible decision. That asset is star running back Jordan Howard.

Some would say the deal actually would make sense for both squads. The Bears would give Trubisky a bonafide No. 1 wide receiving threat, and gain more assets in the draft. The Dolphins would get the home run threat in the backfield that they sorely need, especially after trading away Jay Ajayi in the middle of last season. Others would feel that the Bears would be getting fleeced once again. They would not have a true every down back to be the workhorse, and Landry would only be good for “dink and dunk” passes, as he is not a true game breaker.

So the question really becomes this: Is Trading Jordan Howard Really A Bad Move?

The answer lies within the offensive system that will be run by Bears head coach Matt Nagy. Per NBC Sports Bears beat writer John Mullin:

“…the Nagy offensive staff has concerns about Howard’s shortcomings as a receiver and which pose a significant issue for a scheme with a West Coast foundation. The Nagy offense presupposes backs with excellent receiving skills, which Kansas City Chiefs backs typically had during Nagy’s tenure on Andy Reid’s staff and which Howard has not demonstrated in his two Bears seasons.”

Due to that type of thinking, the deal would actually make sense, and the hit that the Bears would take from their fans may be mitigated. Also, with Tarik Cohen around, Nagy has that back that fits into his system and would give him the opportunity to take a running back that also meshes as well.  Fear not, Bears fans, trading Jordan Howard would not be the end of the world, but rather, a smart play by the Bears front office and coaching staff.

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