Universal Islands of Adventure: Could Lost Continent Thrive Once Again As A How To Train Your Dragon Themed Land?

Lost Continent hasn’t been the same since Harry Potter took over most of the area. Universal Islands of Adventure needs to replace it with something fresh, fun, and innovative. As rumors suggest, we could be getting a How to Train Your Dragon themed land to the park very soon.

The How to Train Your Dragon overlay would be a great addition to Islands of Adventure. The only catch being if Universal saves it for their new unannounced park. Let’s just say they don’t do that, and HTTYD comes to Islands of Adventure. What does that mean for the park itself?

The addition of HTTYD would benefit IOA because it’s a beloved film, that’s still on a wave of momentum 4 years after the release of the sequel. The third installment of this franchise releases in 2019. Excitement will be at an all-time high. And while the Dragon section of Island of Adventure won’t be ready for that release of the third movie, they’ll once again be riding that same wave.

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While it’s impossible to predict what IOA might have in store for this themed land, they could create some great theme ideas for the Isle of Berk. If you’ve ever seen the movie, you’ll understand the scope of this project. HTTYD is such a beautifully crafted film.

The attractions of How To Train Your Dragon can’t be speculated at this point. It’s safe to say some kind of Dragon experience. The Poseidon’s Fury walkthrough is quite large. What if Universal put a Flight of Passage type ride in its spot? Instead of a Banshee, you’re on a Dragon?

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Again, it’s impossible to know what Universal Islands of Adventure have planned. With the new Potter coaster being built, any type of work on the re-theme of Lost Continent wouldn’t start until mid-2019. By then, Universal Orlando might be starting work on Nintendo Land or even the new park.

There are so many variables that go into this project. We could see a How to Train Your Dragon section of IOA.There also could be bigger plans for it as well. Lost Continent isn’t a very popular section of Universal Islands of Adventure. Anything that’s being done with it would be a welcome change.

Will that be How to Train Your Dragon’s addition to the park? Fans will just have to wait and see what is decided.

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