Fuller House: Welcome Back To The Smash Club

The Smash Club is one of the most iconic memories of the original Full House. And as fans who watched the finale of Fuller House know, it’s making a comeback. Thanks to Jesse and Joey, we’ll be getting the classic club on future Fuller House episodes.

It’s hard to forget the Smash Club. So many moments happened there during Full House. What do Jesse and Joey have planned for the re-launch? All we’ve seen of it so far is the laundromat that currently resides at its location. Without question, Jesse and Joey will bring it back to its glory.

The opening of the Smash Club brings Jesse and Joey back home to San Francisco. Not only is that good for DJ, Stephanie, and the boys, but it also gives the two of them a chance to be surrounded by family.

Jesse, who just adopted a kid, needs that type of family love he’s so used to getting from the Tanner’s. And with Danny living under DJ’s roof, they’ll be plenty of that to go around. The same can be said for Joey, who has had to parent some very interesting children. Now, they are back home running the once popular Smash Club.

If Fuller House features the Smash Club the same way Full House did, you can expect a lot of the story to be told there. Stephanie might get a gig singing or possibly bartending as she looks to help support her upcoming child. Kimmy could throw a massive party with her party planning service.

These are just some of the instances where the Smash Club could be used. For the most part, it’s going to be an adult-oriented location like it was in Full House. It’s possible we get to see Jesse and the Rippers, or Joey Stand-up.

It probably won’t be a big factor into Fuller House because the focus isn’t on Jesse and Joey, but rather DJ and those who live in the house with her. Still, it’s possible we get a few cameos from Joey and Jesse at the Smash Club.

Nothing is set in stone, but this is the perfect opportunity for all of the old Full House gang to be welcomed back to San Francisco and possibly take on a bigger role on Fuller House episodes. Let’s see where the writers and producers take the re-launch of the Smash Club.

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