NFL: Not every player is serviceable upon release

As fans of any major sports team, we always to see our team improve. Most of the times a NFL team can add a veteran player. This due to their contract being expired or previous team releasing them. However, there are some players released, that are no longer serviceable. Nonetheless, fans see the name and immediately jump to social media and want him on their team. This needs to STOP! Not all players, that were once great, are great anymore.

I am an avid fan of the Washington Redskins. I am a member of multiple social media groups related to this team. However, I do not just see this with my team. I actually also talked about this on my radio segment Wednesday night. The host was in total agreement.

Let’s take RB Frank Gore for instance. Here is a RB that is a 14-year NFL vet. He has been with two teams. Gore has 14,000 plus yards in over 3,000 plus carries. While he may feel that he has tread left on his tires, they are wearing thin. Nonetheless, Redskins fans wanted to jump on his back. Indeed the team needs a running back. With this in mind, they need one that is young and explosive. Not one that is on his way out.

This does not just happen with the Washington Redskins. I have seen it with other teams as well. The New York Jets recently released Muhammad Wilkerson. As I was floating around on Facebook and Google+, I saw so many teams jumping on the Mo Train. While he may be a solid addition, he has not lived up to his hype. He will have to take a cap friendly deal to make a NFL team.

In all honesty, I would hate to see the salary cap that some of these franchises would be in. Especially if they jumped on every train that was, open. This is why fans do not run organizations. So, I ask, please stop jumping on every player that is released or rumored to be released. While some still have life left in the NFL, most are no longer serviceable.

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