Disjointed: Netflix May Have Something with a Dank and Dabby Spinoff

Disjointed was the latest show to receive the ax from Netflix. Lasting only one season, the stoner comedy couldn’t manage to get the audience attention. This shouldn’t be the end, as show standouts, Dank and Dabby, should get their own spin-off.

We all fell in love with Dank and Dabby. The two stoners were without question the highlight of the show. They accounted for a good portion of Disjointed’s laugh out loud moments. If Netflix were to launch a show about them, the ratings would be much higher.

Seeing as both Dank and Dabby are hardcore stoners, the show would need to take place in a very pro-pot place. The first thought that comes to mind is Amsterdam. Imagine the two of them in another country, figuring out the country’s way of life, and doing it all while stoned out of their minds.

One of the big selling points to Dank and Dabby was the YouTube videos they produced. Their show, which was a big hit on the web, could be broadcast from Amsterdam and could bring an entirely new fan base to their weed exploits. This means a lot of interesting co-stars as well.


Unlike Disjointed, a Dank and Dabby show would make them the main focus. It’s possible the show could become stale after a while, but at least give it one season to test its appeal. Netflix has been known to take risks. And this is the kind of thing they’d gamble on.

Who knows what Netflix viewers didn’t like about Disjointed. Some loved the show, while others hated it. Nonetheless, the stoner comedy is tough to appreciate. Thus, it might take some time for people to really get into Dank and Dabby. Seeing the chemistry they have on-screen, it won’t take long.

With all the original programming Netflix has, doing this show wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. It might work, it might not. If they can capture more of an audience than Disjointed than they’ve found a new binge-worthy show. If it’s indeed a dud, they can count their losses and move on. All this show needs is an opportunity.


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