WWE: War Machine should be in the Dusty Rhodes Classic

WWE: War Machine should be in the Dusty Rhodes Classic

This is the bracket for the 2018 Dusty Rhodes Classic. Per General Manager William Regal, the winner will face Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish at NXT Takeover New Orleans for the NXT Tag team titles. You have TM-61, Authors of Pain, Street Profits, Heavy Machinery, and some other NXT Tag, teams. In addition, you have two teams that are never on NXT TV. The team that should be in there is War Machine.

WWE: War Machine should be in the Dusty Rhodes Classic

They were one of the biggest tag teams on the independent scene. They held titles in many of the bigger promotions. We haven’t seen them much except for a brief appearance at the last Takeover. I would have put War Machine in the tournament instead of one of the surprise teams. The reason why I have such a problem with this decision to not include War Machine in the Dusty Rhodes Classic is when in the hell are you going to debut them. This was your golden opportunity and the WWE screwed it up.

There is a way for WWE to redeem this bad booking decision. You can have War Machine take a team out. If I were the booker, I  would have it on the other side of the bracket where we could still get a possible AOP/War Machine final. I just don’t want the WWE to screw up the booking of War Machine. Thus, it seems that they have already done that.

I know there are some people who think they are going the AJ Styles route and debuting on the main roster. In my opinion, that would be a bad move at the end of the WWE. It is clear that the WWE has plans for AOP and Sanity to move onto the main roster. While there are good teams on NXT, I don’t feel any of them have the credibility to run the division. So the tag team division of NXT would benefit greatly with War Machine.

I’ll ask my question again, when are you going to debut them if you’re not going to during the Dusty Rhodes Classic?



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