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WWE: Enough Is Enough, It Needs To Be Rusev Day Everyday On Smackdown Live

When will Rusev get his shot at the main event? One could argue he’s the most over wrestler in the WWE. That doesn’t seem to matter, as there is little for him at the moment. Something about this doesn’t seem right, and it’s time for a change.

Rusev is the best thing going in WWE. His popular ‘Rusev Day’ campaign has become a phenomenon across the wrestling world. Fans are chanting it at shows, and the shirts are barely able to be kept in stock. This is why it’s so puzzling about Rusev’s lack of main event status on Smackdown Live.

What more does he have to do? From his beginnings in WWE as a dominant anti-American heel to the new character as the fun-loving face, he’s the perfect act to take the WWE into a new direction. None of that seems to matter, though. And who knows how much longer he’ll be regulated to the second tier of WWE superstar.

WWE does have a problem pushing the right acts. The situation with Rusev is a clear example of that. We see guys like John Cena come into Smackdown Live and get a potential title shot the first night back. The WWE doesn’t even consider Rusev. It’s a real shame, to be honest. That’s the kind of thinking that has the company to the position it’s in now.


Along with Rusev, there are a lot of acts that need to establish longer feuds and have a higher priority on the card. Although, none of them, whether it be Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, or Balor Club, are as over as Rusev. By the time WWE realizes this, fans will have just given up on the act because Vince McMahon and company failed to capitalize on it. Fans will fall off because they know it’s never going to amount to anything

Who knows as to why they’ve yet to give Rusev his main event shot. It’s unlikely there’s a more deserving wrestler in the WWE. Rusev has paid his dues to the company. He’s been on the grand stage of WrestleMania against John Cena. A two-time United States Champion, Rusev has been the best of the mid-carders. But there’s never been a shot at the main event.

Aiden English, Rusev’s partner, has himself become a popular superstar because of this. Fans chant Rusev Day at Lana (Rusev’s Wife) when she’s in a match. And most of all, the support fans show for him is unmatched. It’s just quite interesting about why the company has never pushed him higher than the mid-card. What is WWE seeing that we aren’t?

This ‘Rusev Day’ stuff could all just be a phase. Similar to Zach Ryder’s push a few years back, but what if it’s not? ‘Rusev Day’ could be the next ‘Yes Movement’ in the WWE. If it got to that point, they’d have to give him a shot at the main event.

At very least let Rusev win Money in the Bank. If the fan support is still there, give him the belt he deserves. And if it’s indeed a phase, he can’t cash in successfully and will drop back to mid-card. Right now Rusev is truly over, and that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future. Will WWE see that before it’s too late?

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