Sporting Events Costs: Entertainment vs Concessions

So as sports fans we attend games or events. Depending on the venue we know that it going to cost us some dough. The question is going into it is what are we spending more money on the entertainment or concessions. Most people will hope they are spending more money on the entertainment the game. We love sports and whether that is professional, college, or high school we are there for the game. These venues know that it what us sports fans are there for so now what we do why we are there eat and drink. It would be difficult not to least have a water or consume a beverage while we are these games. So what are we really spending our money on the entertainment value or concessions?

Now I know it depends on the team and the location for how much it will cost you for a ticket. It also depends on how well the team is doing. If they are doing well expect to pay more. On the other hand, if they are not doing well then you might be able to get a cheap ticket. Either way, we are going to represent the team that we put our heart and soul into the year in or a year out. There are some of us that by season tickets, half season or ticket packages that our teams offer us. On the other hand, some fans will pick which games they want to go do. The game is the reason we come to see a great play that helps win the game or to see our team go down in a blaze of glory.


Now we can’t go without yelling or shouting for our team. When this occurs we have to refresh ourselves so we will get up and go get a quick bite to eat and a beverage. A hypothetical situation lets say you were given a $20 bill to spend for concessions how would you spend it. What could get more for your value if you had a choice between beer/peanuts or soda/water and hotdogs? From what I have seen a majority of people would choose beer over soda and water. It seems the beverage of choice when it comes to sporting events is beer or alcohol many people drink it before and during games. This is where the venues get the consumer with concessions. They will get the consumer to pay top dollar for these because they know the fans need them.

In the end, after doing a poll on social media I found out that people plan on paying more for the entertainment than for concessions. I have been a sports fan for all my life. I know the fans spend more on concessions than they do on tickets. With all the online ticket apps and websites, if you plan early enough you get great prices on tickets.

So, when it comes down the stadium and owners of these teams make their money via concessions. The problem, if they raise ticket prices or concessions the fans will start to stay at home. Where they don’t have to worry about all the extra costs. Think about this how nice is to watch the game at home. You don’t have to pay for parking, tickets or concessions. You also don’t have to worry about fans getting obnoxious and trying to start fights or have to wait in line to use the restroom.

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