Cedar Point: What Kind Of Coaster Can We Expect For The Park’s 150th Anniversary?

We’ve yet to even ride Steel Vengeance and already Cedar Point enthusiasts are speculating on the 2020 addition to the park. This marks the parks 150th anniversary. Something big will be coming, but nobody knows what it’ll be.

There are many options for a Cedar Point attraction in 2020. Some believe it’s going to be the first 500 ft. coaster. If you ask me, I’m predicting something a bit on a smaller scale. And while that’s not what fans want to hear, it’s more than likely what will happen. What are some possibilities for a 2020 Cedar Point coaster?

Gertslauer Euro-Fighter
Here’s one that many enthusiasts would be glad to have at Cedar Point. The Euro-Fighter is one of the best-designed coasters in the world. These coasters offer some of the steepest drops, and slickest inversions you’ve seen on a coaster. In true Cedar Point fashion, this will be a record-breaking ride. It’s likely this model will break the Smiler’s (Alton Towers) inversion record.


We are getting an RMC coaster with Steel Vengeance this year, but that doesn’t mean another wood-based attraction can’t be in place for 2020. What better manufacturer than GCI to do that. Additionally, Cedar Point needs a good woodie to go along with Gemini. GCI, who did Mystic Timbers at Kings Island, are known for their airtime-filled rides. This would make a great selling point for Cedar Point.

S&S El Loco
Similar to a Euro-Fighter, the El Loco model is small and compact. Although known for its steep drops, it’s the perfect addition to a park that’s hurting for space. Thus, if Cedar Point doesn’t go the Euro-Fighter route, this could be the decision they go in.

B&M Flying
Here’s a coaster you’d expect Cedar Point to already have. Indeed, a flying coaster would be the perfect option for CP, who has just about every different type of coaster there is. In fact, It can be an intense ride like Tatsu (Six Flags Magic Mountain) or calm like Air/Galactica (Alton Towers). Hence, like all the other coasters they build, expect it to be record-breaking.

It’s possible the big surprise for 2020 is that Cedar Point is building two new coasters for their 150th. Who knows what the park has up their sleeves? All we can do is speculate on what the big plans might be. Until then, let’s just enjoy Steel Vengeance. We’ll worry about 2020 another time.


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