WWE: Elias should be in the Intercontinental Title Picture

It seems that the WWE is Walking With Elias. When he first came onto the main roster, they weren’t doing much with him. Then, once he dropped the last name and went to Elias, it seemed to kick his career into high gear. He has had matches with a ton of the top guys in the company including Roman Reigns, The Miz, John Cena, and many others. He has a good in-ring workability and is great on the microphone. It is safe to say that he and the Miz are the only two on the RAW brand that are true heels.


It seems that he is very over with the WWE crowd, the WWE would be fools not to put a belt on him. I know they have booked Strowman strong as well and haven’t done anything with him regarding a belt. However, you still have time to put the belt on Elias. I don’t see him going for the Universal Title right now because there are a lot of guys ahead of him. Where I could easily see him fitting in is the Intercontinental title picture. Since WrestleMania is only a few weeks away, it would make a ton of sense for him to be interested. Since it is clear that the WWE is having Seth Rollins and Finn Balor go for the title, why not put Elias into the picture and make the match at WrestleMania a fatal-four way for the Intercontinental title.

It seems that Elias is a throwback to the days of the Honky Ton Man. Honky Tan Man was a major player in the IC title picture when he wrestled. You have a guy that is over with the crowd and can still draw heat. When I think about it, the only other one that comes to mind that can do that is Kevin Owens on Smackdown. We shouldn’t forget that Elias is someone who the WWE was doing nothing within NXT. He came to the main roster and it seemed that it all changed. There is a clear way to tell that Elias is over with the WWE crowd. When he is in the ring, he asks “I have one question?” Before he can say the line, you hear the crowd saying “Who wants to walk with Elias.”

WWE, if I were you, I would book this fatal four way for WrestleMania. I would also even consider putting the title on Elias.



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