UFC: Jon Jones has fighting license revoked

UFC superstar Jon Jones got some bad news from the California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday. He failed to convince the board that he took a banned substance prior to his fight at UFC 214. It is worth noting that the steroid that was in him was big enough to take away his fighting abilities.


In an overwhelming 6-0 vote, the CSAC moved to revoke his license to fight. In addition, CSAC also hit Jon Jones with a fine of $205,000. This would include 40% of his $500k pay for a title match against Daniel Cormier at the 2017 pay-per-view. CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster had some remarks about Jones and the steroids that he took. He said, “I don’t believe we should end Mr. Jones career, but I do believe he should sit out for a while.”

It is worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Jon Jones has gotten in trouble with the UFC. Back in 2016, Jon Jones was knocked out of UFC 200 after it was revealed he had clomiphene and Letrozole. It is also worth mentioning that this was also against Daniel Cormier. After his “B-Sample” came back positive in September, the UFC decided to overturn his win to a no-contest.

Now that this is his second offense with banned substances in a short amount of time, I feel he should face a bit of a harsher punishment. Looking at the comments he told the CSAC, this seemed similar to when Barry Bonds has had the BALCO allegations. All Jon Jones is doing is blaming his trainer. If this was his first offense, then maybe I would buy that story. This is the second time that it happened. Now Jon Jones is not a dummy at all, but you can’t be that stupid to buy into that crap. He knows what he did and tests caught him. Now he is trying to stay as a good guy because he is one of the top guys in UFC.



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