NFL Rumors: Could Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints breakup?

Kirk Cousins has been the most talked about free agent in quite some time. However, there is another QB whose name has been relatively quiet. No, I am not talking about AJ McCarron, Teddy Bridgewater, or Sam Bradford. I speak of New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees.

Brees is set to become a free agent on March 14. It is on that day that the final three years of his contract become void. If that happens the remainder of his signing bonus, $18 million becomes dead cap money. This, in turn, will hinder the Saints in their pursuit of other free agents.

While many of us that are entrenched deep in the circles of the NFL believe Brees will remain a member of New Orleans Saints it remains unclear. If the two sides are unable to reach an agreement on a new deal, Brees could be in a new uniform come March 14.

There are several teams that could use the services of the veteran arm. The Cleveland Browns have the most cap space. They could entice Brees with a healthy chunk of change. However, they need long-term at that position.

The New York Jets are another team that could look at Drew Brees. Especially since they have a top 10 NFL Draft Pick in this year’s draft. Thus, signing Brees to a three-year deal and drafting a developmental QB may be ideal.

The Arizona Cardinals could be another spot. New head coach Steve Wills could elect to go a route similar to the one I mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees need to come to an agreement. In fact, it is hard to imagine him in a different uniform. Although as a fan of the Washington Redskins, it was hard to imagine Cousins somewhere else.

Hence, the two sides have two weeks to come to a resolution. If not, we will just add to one of the deepest free agent quarterbacks class we have seen.

How do you feel the Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints situation plays out? Leave a comment below.

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