Disneyland: With Galaxy’s Edge Opening, It’s Time To Remove Star Tours And Replace It With Marvel

With Galaxy’s Edge set to open at some point this year at Disneyland, the fate of Star Tours is in serious doubt. With the two not being relatively close to each other, the smart thing to do is replace the classic attraction for something completely different. And I’ve got the perfect solution.

Hong Kong Disneyland has the formula down. They’ve got an Iron Man motion simulator, similar to that of Star Tours. With Disneyland able to use Marvel licenses in their park, this creates the perfect opportunity to add another themed ride to their park.

Star Tours has been a staple at Disneyland for years. The attraction opened in 1987 and was the first non-Disney IP to open at their park. There’s a lot of history with the ride. But like all good things, they must come to an end. And while it’s going to be a bittersweet goodbye, Galaxy’s Edge will more than make-up for the loss of Star Tours.

As far as Marvel goes, this would be the second Marvel based attraction at Disneyland Resort. The Iron Man simulator would give guests the feeling of flying with Iron Man through the streets of New York. Ideally, the attraction would use the same set-up as Star Tours, with a few minor tweaks to the ride itself.


An Iron Man ride also gives Disneyland a chance to showcase even more of the Marvel universe. Like Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout, the queue line should be heavily themed. Possibly make it a Stark Labs overlay with the different Iron Man suits on the wall. Not to mention, there needs to be a lot of different Easter Eggs to Marvel there as well.

This idea is only a pipe dream. It does have a chance at happening, though. In fact, why not theme that entire section of Tomorrowland into Marvel. The property is big enough that both California Adventure and Disneyland could share some of the IP’s.

And this doesn’t just have to be an Iron Man simulator. There are many opportunities for this to work. You could use Ant-Man and Wasp as inspiration for a new attraction, possibly the Avengers Helicarrier. Just let Disney get creative with the new attraction. They’ve yet to let anyone down when it comes to Marvel.

If Star Tours is to be replaced, this Marvel-themed ride should be the first choice for a replacement. It might be the only thing that could replace such an iconic attraction. Galaxy’s Edge will be awesome, but two Star Wars rides on opposite ends of the park seems like overkill. And Marvel is the perfect solution for that problem.


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