Ring Of Honor: Don’t Drop The Ball, Give Marty Scurll The Title He Deserves

Ring of Honor fans are set to see one of the biggest matches in recent history. At the promotions 15th anniversary show, ROH World Champion Dalton Castle will be defending his title against former World Champion, Jay Lethal. The match can only be described as a dream scenario. That is unless you’re Marty Scurll.

While Castle is the current champ, and Lethal is the worthy challenger, it’s the plans for the title after this match that have the wrestling world buzzing. As we’ve seen on Ring of Honor television, Scurll has campaigned for a world title shot.

And it’s about time he gets one.

Scurll has been one of Ring Of Honor’s biggest draws for quite some time. He’s a member of the Bullet Club and might be their most popular member, especially in America. The fans react well to him, with the “whoop whoop” chants during his entrance theme. Not to mention the reaction when he signals for the chicken wing.

It’s surprising Scurll has never had a chance at the World Title. Sure he’s been in the main event scene, but he’s never been a legit threat at winning the ROH World Title. He’s a former TV champ, but that’s it. That’s why the current title picture with Castle and Lethal should just be setting up for Scurll title win. He’s the most deserving of any ROH wrestler.


It’s too early to tell what plans ROH has for Scurll. They’ve been teasing the title match during the first two months of 2018. Assuming he beats Punishment Martinez at the 16th Anniversary show (and he probably will), The best bet is to have him in the title match at Supercard of Honor. And whether it be Lethal or Castle, he needs to win.

There aren’t really any excuses for ROH to not give Scurll the World Title. They’ve been able to get away with it for quite some time, but the fan reaction just grows and grows. As he gets more popular, as does the pressure on Ring of Honor to give him the belt.

Not to take anything away from Dalton Castle or Jay Lethal, but they aren’t as hot as Marty Scurll. Lethal will, and always will be, one of the best wrestlers to ever lace up boots in ROH. Castle is one of the most charismatic and outgoing characters in the company, but as it stands now, neither can hold a candle to Scurll.

It might be because of his affiliation with Bullet Club, but the wave of momentum Marty Scurll is on is almost unmatched by anyone in pro wrestling. His shirts are always among the top sellers at Pro Wrestling Tees and Hot Topic. ROH needs to capitalize on that success. Cody was a money-making champ for them, there’s no question Scurll can be as well.

In the end, Dalton Castle and Jay Lethal is a dream match on paper. The only way it makes sense is if Scurll manages to get the belt at some point in the next two months. Things should be leaning towards his victory. And if not, Ring of Honor has truly dropped the ball.

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