NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins to the Minnesota Vikings Heating Up

Kirk Cousins is the most talked about free agent in years. The fact that he is an under 30, healthy, franchise quarterback has the NFL all abuzz. That rarely happens in the world of free agency if at all. As of late the talk of him landing with the Minnesota Vikings has heated up. There are a couple of factors that have heated up this talk. Let us look at Cousins to the Vikings. Is it a good fit?

First off, the Minnesota Vikings are currently the eighth highest salary capped team. Actually, they currently sit eighth in salary cap space with $55.2 million. That is enough to sign Kirk Cousins and not break the proverbial bank. However, there may need to be some fancy footwork in the contract to make it more cap friendly in the latter years.

Another factor playing into the Cousin talk heating up is the transactions that the Minnesota Vikings have made in the past couple of days. The first was the announcement that they would not use the franchise tag on QB, Case Keenum. Keenum had a career year for the Vikings in 2017. The second of the minor transactions the Vikings announced yesterday. The Vikings said that they would not be offering QB, Teddy Bridgewater a contract. The Minnesota Vikings once considered Bridgewater to be the franchise QB. Hence, both of the moves open the doors for a Kirk Cousins and Vikings marriage.

The third factor that plays into Kirk Cousins rendezvousing with the Minnesota Vikings is the current team built-in Minnesota. Cousins has said that a factor in his decision is playing for a winner. The Vikings have built just that. In fact, the Vikings just played in the NFC Championship game in January.

Hence, with weapons like Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph in the passing game, the Vikings air attack could be record-breaking. Let us not forget that the Minnesota Vikings also have Laquon Treadwell. If he would ever come into his own, the Minnesota Vikings would be lethal. Additionally, the running game includes running backs Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray. Furthermore, this gives Kirk Cousins a running game to lean on. Above all, this is something he did not have much of with the Washington Redskins.

All of these are strong factors for Kirk Cousins in considering the Minnesota Vikings. Thus, if the two sides can work the contract out correctly and the Vikings land Cousins, consider them an immediate Super Bowl contender in the NFC. Although, if not, look for them to draft youth at the position and a playoff return may be in doubt. Either way, the Minnesota Vikings could be set at the most important position for years to come.

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