Carowinds: The Transition Of Vortex Into A Floorless Coaster Might Signal The End Of Stand-Up’s

Stand-up coasters generally aren’t the first choice for enthusiasts. Many of the classic B&M designs have found their way out of parks. Thankfully, fans of the stand-up’s can take solace in the fact Carowinds still has Vortex. Although, who’s to say how much longer that coaster will still be there.

Like many stand-up coasters, Vortex is a dying breed. Built in 1992, it’s no longer the smooth ride it was upon its opening date. In fact, this is one of the most painful experiences you will have on a coaster. Stand-ups aren’t a lot of fun, especially for men.

As we move towards the future, these stand-up coasters are being replaced by floorless cars. It’s surprising Carowinds hasn’t already made the transition. Vortex isn’t a bad ride, it’s just not the best. There are some redeeming qualities about it. But, just like all the stand-up’s before it, the coasters time might be up.

In terms of the ride itself, Vortex doesn’t offer anything special. Quite frankly, it’s just your normal layout. There is a loop and a corkscrew, but that’s about it. In my honest opinion, Mantis at Cedar Point (now Rougarou) was a much more thrilling coaster.


Like Mantis, Vortex might be the next Stand-up to get the floorless treatment. Cedar Fair recently changed the name and design of its stand-up California Great America coaster, also known as Vortex, into a floorless coaster, Patriot, in 2017.

Patriot and Rougarou make two stand-up coasters re-designed in less than three years for Cedar Fair. This can’t be good news for the Carowinds stand-up. But, a change is in the best interest of the park guests. While some like the stand-up coasters, a majority of others do not.

We know Cedar Fair is all about making a profit. To be honest, if I’m walking past Vortex again, I’ll probably be avoiding it. At Cedar Point, I’d always skip Mantis. And while I’m not a big Rougarou fan, I’ll be more likely to ride that than a stand-up coaster. It’s unlikely I’m alone in this instance.

That’s the kind of decision Cedar Fair and Carowinds need to make. Is keeping Vortex as a stand-up coaster in the best interest of the park? Putting in a floorless car means they can market it as a completely new ride. That means more money in their pockets. In fact, let’s face it, nobody is going to Carowinds for Vortex. It’s almost an afterthought at the park.

It would make sense for Vortex to be re-done. Putting in the floorless cars would provide for such a better experience. Carowinds and Cedar Fair need to get the ball rolling on this. They won’t risk losing guests if they don’t make a move, but Vortex might be getting less and less riders every day. Hence, in the end, that’s not going to cut it.


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