WWE Rumors: The Arrival Of EC3 Only Helps Tino Sabbatelli And Riddick Moss

Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss won’t win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Invitational. This shouldn’t indicate that they are getting buried. Reports now have EC3 forming a new stable with the two, a move that shows NXT and WWE have high hopes for these three.

EC3 was brought into NXT to provide some more star power to an already established roster. He’s a former Impact Wrestling Champ, and one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the world. His pairing of Sabbatleli and Moss makes a lot of sense, seeing as the three share a very similar gimmick.

When EC3 started on Impact, he was tied in as Dixie Carter’s nephew. His whole gimmick was based on wealth and expensive items. This is exactly the kind of style NXT has booked Sabbatelli and Moss. They are the high-end luxury act that would benefit from a mouthpiece like EC3.

There’s no denying that Sabbatelli and Moss have talent and a great look to them. It’s just EC3 is that much better. If Triple H is as high on these two as he’s led on in recent shows, the addition of EC3 will only justify that. And with Mr. Carter III joining Sabbatelli and Moss, they instantly become one of the best stables in NXT.

There are a ton of great stables that currently reside in NXT and WWE. You’ve got Sanity, Undisputed Era, New Day, Balor Club, and much more on the way. This new Sabbatelli, Moss and EC3 unit is without question the most physically gifted group out there. They are big, ripped, and athletic, and that’s something you can’t say about many other WWE superstar stables.

If NXT were smart, they’d book the Sabbatelli, Moss and EC3 stable well right out of the gate. This is big for NXT and WWE, as EC3 is a superstar WWE, Vince McMahon, and Triple H all have high hopes for. They need to not get him lost in the shuffle. And the same can be said for Sabbatelli and Moss as well, as the two have grown in the WWE Developmental system.

We know Vince McMahon loves his big guys, and these three fit the bill. They’re going to be pushed and pushed hard from the onset. This isn’t a faction which will fizzle out and get jobbed. And while EC3 could arguably do better as a solo act, giving him a stable might give the future WWE Champ a little more credibility with the WWE Universe.

EC3 might be pretty well established with his time in Impact Wrestling. Some have wondered why he’s in NXT at all. If the main focus of his NXT time is to push Sabbatelli and Moss into stars, it’s going to work. He’s got the mic work to put a potato over. The trio will be a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s just assume Sabbatelli, Moss and EC3 dominate NXT. It’s safe to say these three are the future of the company. They go perfect together as a team. Of course, many want EC3 to go solo. But helping put over some new WWE talent helps the company a lot. Sabbatelli and Moss have a bright future in the company. And so does EC3.


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