Universal Studios Orlando: Big Things Could Be Happening At A Third Theme Park

The upcoming third gate (fourth if you count Volcano Bay) at Universal Studios Orlando has been heavily rumored for quite some time. The company has kept quite quiet about the project. I’ve speculated on a few ideas, but there are some that seem to be a lot closer to happening than others. What are the most realistic possibilities for the new park?

We’ve heard that Universal Studios Orlando would be getting a Nintendo re-theme in the old kid’s area of the park. Although, many are speculating that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the video game giant.

The third gate might feature lands themed to the various properties Nintendo has. Think about an area themed to Super Mario 64. A giant castle built to surprise and entice guests imaginations. You could also theme a section of the park to Zelda, Metriod, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, and many others.

Jurassic World-

Here’s the one everybody has been waiting for. Instead of the tiny section of Islands of Adventure ( Which I recently started should be redone as Skull Island), how about placing a functioning Jurassic Park at the third gate? It would work in the same way as the first Jurassic World film showcased it.

You’d have all the great dinosaur animatronics, encounters and much more. One of the highlights of the park would be the gyrosphere attraction the movie showed us. This is also the perfect time to introduce a flying coaster similar to the one at Universal Studios Japan.

With the closure of Shrek 4D at Universal Studios imminent, a Shrek based land makes a ton of sense. But what if Universal decided to do an entire theme park dedicated to DreamWorks. Similar to MotionGate in Dubai, this would showcase the great films the studio has made.

Think about a giant carnival themed to Madagascar. Or as mentioned before, a Shrek swamp/Royal Palace setting. You could also go to How To Train Your Dragon unless IOA gets that first in place of Lost Continent. The highlight would be Kung Fu Panda, as the Asian influence would make it one of the best areas of the entire resort.

We don’t have any clue as to what Universal Studios Orlando has planned for the third gate. They could opt to use a combination of all three of these ideas. It could also be something completely different, not involving IP’s. Things will be very interesting as the time to announce the new park draws closer.

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