WWE: If Titus Worldwide Doesn’t Win the Belts, Where do they go heading into WrestleMania?

At the Elimination Chamber, Cesaro and Sheamus will put the RAW Tag titles on the line against Titus O’Neil and Apollo. Now, while it would be a neat thing to see Titus Worldwide capture the belts, I would find it very unlikely for it to happen. In all honesty, it would be something different heading into WrestleMania. But the WWE probably won’t do it and have the Bar retain at the Chamber.


With that happening, the WWE has a bit of a problem. The list of opponents that would make sense is very slim. Of course, you can have a rematch between the two teams. If you don’t go the rematch way, then you’re looking at a slight issue. You have The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows), The Revival, Heath Slater, and Rhyno. I don’t put Seth Rollins on this list because he doesn’t have a partner due to injuries.

It’s clear that the WWE won’t put Gallows and Anderson back into the tag title picture for whatever reason. Slater and Rhyno are a comedy act that has no credibility. I know they’re the first Smackdown Tag Champions, but since they lost the titles to the Wyatt Family last year, the WWE has done crap with them. The WWE fans are saying that it should be the Revival. I wouldn’t mind it as they’ve been a good team. However, both Dash and Wilder are injury prone and I’m not sure if the WWE wants to put the belts on a team that has a history of injury problems.

There is one option for the WWE to do with the Bar at WrestleMania that would be interesting. They can have Sheamus and Cesaro come to the ring and gloat that they have defeated every team on RAW. Then they lay out an open challenge to any team in the back. Then we see Paul Ellering come out. As he is talking, the lights go out and then the Authors of Pain are in the ring and take the challenge.



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