WWE Rumors: Let’s Make Ricochet Vs. Velveteen Dream A Reality On NXT

Fans want to see Velveteen Dream face off against King Ricochet. It’s one of the biggest matches the WWE can put out there at this time. And not only does it give Ricochet a legit first challenge, Velveteen Dream’s stock will continue to rise in NXT.

Ricochet in NXT has been a long time coming. After spending a majority of his career in the indie scene and Lucha Underground, he’s making his way to the big time. And for some (Velveteen Dream) the indie stars seem to get the preferential treatment by management, as Dream stated on his Twitter account.

We know this is all a work by Velveteen, and he’s indeed happy that all the new talent on NXT means greater exposure for him, but the storyline sets itself up well for a program with Ricochet. He’s the hot free agent that the WWE has signed. The indie guy that’s taking away Dream’s spot on the main event.

Velveteen Dream is a home-grown WWE talent. Sure he had some matches outside of WWE, but the Tough Enough contestant has been one of WWE and NXT’s biggest success stories. With Ricochet coming into the mix, that homegrown advantage seems to be a disadvantage for a guy like Dream.


This is why Dream vs. Ricochet is such an intriguing first feud for Ricochet. Every feud we’ve seen Dream in, whether it be Aleister Black or his stint with Johnny Gargano he was the show stealer. WWE must be happy with the direction he’s taken since Tough Enough. So what better way to set him up with his first feud than with Ricochet, the man who should be the face of NXT.

Who knows how the two will work together. Ricochet is a crafty indie veteran, while Dream is a somewhat newcomer. All we know is that you don’t get better promo work than Velveteen Dream.

Ricochet, who was a very seldom used talker on Lucha Underground might not be ready for the NXT title. Nonetheless, a feud against one of NXT’s best will get him to the position of being the top guy. We’ve seen what Velveteen Dream can do to elevate a talent.

Aleister Black was without question a must-see act on NXT, but that feud against Velveteen really sent him over the edge. He went from NXT star to main roster star, all in one feud and one epic match. Someone with the ability and fan support of Ricochet will get the same kind of push with Dream. Especially given the narrative this feud seems to be taking.

Ricochet has faced some of the world’s best wrestlers. Names from Will Ospreay, Pentagon, Rey Mysterio, and others, he’s been in the ring with many. Nobody has the charisma and skill of Velveteen Dream, who’s been the perfect opponent for putting over talent. (Although he’s so much more than that.)


Seeing a Ricochet and Velveteen Dream match would be one of the best decisions made by NXT. Again, who knows how the styles will mesh, but on paper, it’s a match made in heaven. The two are some of the hottest acts in wrestling today. And while both should be in the main event scene of NXT, the town’s not big enough for the two of them.

Hopefully, NXT officials come to their senses and make this match a reality. The built-in storyline of Velveteen demanding respect for the homegrown talent plays perfectly for a feud with Ricochet. This is one the higher-ups at WWE can’t do wrong in.


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