Islands Of Adventure: Forget Jurassic Park, Give Skull Island A Themed Section Of The Park

It’s about time Jurassic Park get replaced at Universal Islands of Adventure. I know this is an unpopular take, but the time has come. Seeing as Universal is planning a third gate, putting a more detailed Jurassic World setting there would make much more sense. So the question becomes, “what do Islands of Adventure build in its place?”

While nothing will be done until the Potter coaster is built in 2019, Jurassic Park needs to be remodeled into Skull Island. We’ve seen how detailed the Kong ride can be ( just referring to the exterior and queue line), and Universal Orlando would love to get their hands on more of the Kong universe at the park.

If you’ve seen Skull Island, you’ll know how much detail went into designing that film. From the interesting inhabitants to the beautiful setting, it’s quite the marvel to look at. There might not be much to re-design on the Jurassic Park end to get that Kong look to it. Given a little thought, this could have a better design than Pandora.

Here’s an interesting thought. One thing Universal could do is theme Skull Island with the new Godzilla movie. As we know Kong and Godzilla will star together in a new film. What better way to open a new section of your park than with two of the greatest beasts of all-time?

Regardless if Universal incorporates Godzilla into the new land isn’t important. What about the new Kong rides? There were rumors of Islands of Adventure opening up a wooden coaster in Jurassic Park. If JP is indeed going to the new plot of land, does that mean the coaster will also go with it? Or can Kong manage to get that?

Along with a new coaster, the current Pteranodon Flyers suspended steel kids coaster could get a re-themeing with the Skull Island Psychovulture, the mysterious, yet dangerous bird on the Island. This would be the perfect tie-in to a new Kong area. Using an existing ride and giving it an overhaul wouldn’t cost as much as building an entirely new attraction.

Universal Islands of Adventure needs to expand Kong Skull Island. It makes much more sense for Universal Orlando to build a real-life Jurassic World at its third theme park. With a Skull Island ride already in place, why not make the plot of land dedicated to Jurassic Park a part of the Kong universe?

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