NFL: If Kirk Cousins wants a ring, then he shouldn’t go to the New York Jets

It seems that the Kirk Cousins era with the Washington Redskins is probably coming to an end. They traded and already signed Alex Smith to a four-year deal. This trade made it very clear that Cousins will be on a new team in 2018. It seems that there have been a few teams who have been linked to him a lot. From sources, the two teams immensely linked to him are the New York Jets and Denver Broncos.


Since Kirk Cousins is 29 years old, there is still some juice there. In his five years in Washington, he has made the playoffs twice. Once as a starter and once as a reserve. The team lost both.

If he wants to experience a football game beyond the first round, then the Jets are not the team to go towards. While they could easily use him, I don’t see it working out. They have a ton of other problems that they need to address. They do have Josh McCown who has said that he wants to return in 2018. You can throw him some money and still have enough to fix the other problems. It is safe to say that you can re-sign McCown for much less than what they were looking to offer Cousins. There were some outlets reporting that the New York Jets were willing to offer Cousins close to $60 million guaranteed.

Now, this part will be affected if the Minnesota Vikings bring back Case Keenum. Nonetheless, the Vikings would be an ideal spot for Cousins to finally capture a Super Bowl ring. In fact, they have a top ten defense, one of the best receivers, and a good running game. Let us not forget that they also have one of best front lines and will protect him greatly. With most of the pieces back in 2018, the addition of Cousins would be the right move.



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