Stranger Things: Have We Seen The Last Of Eight?

Have we seen the last of Eight? One of the brighter spots of Stranger Things Season 2 was the reuniting of Eight and Eleven. While the reunion we short-lived, it was good for Eleven to finally meet someone like her. But have we seen the last of Eight and her crew of outcasts?

Running from the law was the main strategy for Eight and her crew. This wasn’t the situation Eleven needed to be in. Trying to fit in, she reluctantly joined in with the crew. Somehow, things just didn’t work. Eleven wasn’t at peace with her sister. And despite all the efforts of Eight, Eleven left for Hawkins.

So, have we seen the last of Eight? Chances are we haven’t. They seemed to write her off the show, but seeing as to how important she was to Eleven, I’d highly doubt that’s the case. It’s a good bet Eight returns at some point in Season 3.


Whatever the issue facing the town of Hawkins is in Season 3, you can be sure Eleven will play a big role in defeating the shadow monster. What if the situation requires a bit more help though? Eleven would be wise to seek out Eight. The two are sisters after all and do share a connection to each other.

We didn’t get enough backstory on Eight during her time on Season 2. While she’s not a main character, perhaps some extra insight to her might have given us a better idea of the connection her and Eleven have. Eleven isn’t like her in some ways, but what they had to endure at the lab, that’s what brought them together.

Personally, I found the Eleven/Eight episode of Season 2 to be quite disappointing. I didn’t feel any kind of emotional attachment to Eight at all. I’d like to see more of her in Season 3 of Stranger Things. There’s a lot of untapped potential in this storyline. It would be nice to see it play out more.

There are hints about the past of both Eleven and Eight. There have to be more like them. Or are they all dead? What makes them so connected? Has Eight ever known about Eleven’s past in Hawkins? There are so many unaddressed questions. And most of these are ones which were somewhat addressed, but still left quite vague.

But these questions will be answered in Season 3. At least we can only hope.


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