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Canada’s Wonderland: A Dive Coaster For 2019 Will Draw In All The Coaster Enthusiasts

Does Canada’s Wonderland hold the key to the 2019 coaster lineup? We already know 2018 will be a big, maybe monumental year for coasters. However, it seems that the only Cedar Fair Park outside of the USA has its sights set on next year.

All the enthusiasts know is that the new coaster will be a B&M creation. It’s apparent judging by the track that was spotted at the park. This marks the third B&M at Canada’s Wonderland, joining Leviathan and Behemoth. What will be the theme of the 2019 announcement? And, most importantly, what kind of coaster will it be?

All signs point to the new Canada’s Wonderland coaster being a dive. This doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing as Cedar Point and Cedar Fair had so much success with Valravn. And you can expect a new coaster creation at Canada’s Wonderland to be just as big, if not bigger, than its Cedar Point brother.


As for the name of the new coaster, you’ve already got Behemoth and Leviathan. The most logical choice is to continue with the theme of mythical god-like creatures and name the coaster Ziz. An odd choice indeed, but seeing as it fits in with the theme Canada’s Wonderland is striving for, it’s a no-brainer.

So, will Ziz be as big and fast as Valravn? I’m going to say no to that. But you can expect Ziz to feature a few more elements than Valravn. This would include a splashdown that’s not on Valravn, but two other dive coasters in Griffin (Busch Gardens Williamsburg), and Shiekra (Busch Gardens Tampa).

Canada’s Wonderland has been craving a new coaster for some time. Sure Leviathan came out in 2012, but as far as major coasters go, it’s been non-existent. Here’s the next big thing for the park. It might not be the fastest or longest dive coaster in the world, but Ziz will undoubtedly deliver for Cedar Fair and Canada’s Wonderland.

B&M always seems to push the envelope. Could we possibly see a launched coaster like Thunderbird at Holiday World? That’s also probably unlikely. Regardless, Canada’s Wonderland is about to become a go-to destination once again for all coaster
enthusiasts. And for the pass holders of the park, it’s a good time to renew.

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