WWE and Rob Gronkowski

WWE Rumors: Is Rob Gronkowski A Good Fit?

Would Rob Gronkowski make a good WWE superstar? All the talk since the end of the Super Bowl has been whether or not Gronk can make the transition. This shouldn’t be a debate for him. Going to WWE will push him to another level of star.

Gronkowski might as well join World Wrestling Entertainment. One of the more charismatic people in all of sports, he belongs in a wrestling ring. There aren’t many that can match his enthusiasm on the field. That’s what a wrestling superstar needs to have in order to be successful.

We’ve seen Gronk in WWE before. At WrestleMania 33 he helped his longtime friend, Mojo Rawley, win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. It was then that the idea of Gronk appearing for WWE really became a topic of conversation. And with his recent football injury history, being inside a WWE ring might save him from worse issues down the road.

Many have said Gronk needs to step into the Hollywood realm at some point too. That’s not a bad idea. WWE is the home of big-time talent going to the big screen. Look at The Rock, John Cena, and Batista. WWE could be a stepping stone for Gronk. And he could possibly do both, depending if he signs a limited appearances contract with WWE.


Football might not be in the cards for Gronk. He’s only 28, but injuries have taken their toll on him. And at that age, he’d still be in the prime of his wrestling career (If he does indeed decide to go to WWE.). Gronk’s already won Super Bowl titles. He’ll probably be enshrined in Canton. He’s got nothing left to prove in the NFL.

If he does indeed enter the WWE, Gronk could team with the aforementioned Rawley. Expect Gronkowski to instantaneously become a champ. Seeing as he’s got little wrestling experience, a crossover into the industry will take time. Like Rawley, Gronk could pick up the art of wrestling.

Fans across the world already despise Gronk for his shenanigans on and off the field. And he’s also a Patriot, probably the most hated franchise in football. He’d be the perfect heel. Of course, Gronk will never be on the level of the Rock or John Cena, but he’s going to bring ratings to WWE. That’s all Vince McMahon can ask for.

Just imagine Gronk in a ring against the likes of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, or any other of the current WWE superstars. He’s already got a somewhat established feud with Jinder Mahal after the WrestleMania incident. While they won’t be dream matches, the pure spectacle of seeing Rob Gronkowski in a wrestling ring is worth the price of admission.

Let’s face it, Rob Gronkowski is made for a wrestling ring. Football might be what got him to this point, but he doesn’t have to end that way. After many injuries, it’s time he calls it quits. Becoming a WWE superstar is the best decision he can make. Not only does it get him to Hollywood, it also exposes him to an all-new fan base. Thus, the choice seems pretty obvious for him.

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