Predicting the New Avengers after Infinity War

If you’re one of the few people who believe all of their heroes are safe from Thanos, you poor thing. After the next Avengers film titled Infinity War we have a feeling the team will look much different. That’s not to say the entire team will perish at the hands of Thanos, but there’s a good chance the ones who don’t will go their separate ways leaving us with a new line of heroes to save the day. There have been a few hints being dropped along the way so we’re looking into our crystal ball to give you a sneak peek.


Black Panther – Undoubtably the new face of their franchise. There has yet to be a negative review from an honest person to hit the internet since the movie premiered and everything about the character is a work of art. After his battle with Killmonger we see not only T’Challa’s strengths but where he has room to grow. He’s got the fan following to be a team leader and the box office to warrant sequels so he’ll no doubt be the next big thing.

Shuri – While she might not have an alter ego just yet, there’s a new resident tech guru in town. Obviously with T’Challa in command he’ll bring his most trusted advisor along for the ride. Shuri brings in new gear, equipment, and ways to heal our wounded heroes.

Captain America – No, not that one. The newer one. Sam Wilson will more than likely pick up the role of Cap should Steve perish in battle with Thanos. He’s been around for quite sometime as a sidekick and it might be time for him to come into his own. In one way, shape, or form Captain America will be part of the new team. Since the original cast’s contracts are set to expire, we’re leaning closer to Sam Wilson than Steve Rogers.

Bucky – Former Winter Soldier, now will be given a new moniker. Another lifelong friend to Steve Rogers he’ll more than likely carry out his mission in his honor. If his role in the future of the franchise was in jeopardy, then his character wouldn’t have been teased at the end of Black Panther. Bucky could’ve easily been written out of Avengers plans at the end of Civil War. The studio must still have plans for his character.

Captain Marvel – When it all comes down to it, there still will need to be the moral compass of the group. Not only will there need to be a strong sense of right and wrong, someone will have to step into the spotlight with the departure of Black Widow as the female hero. Captain Marvel is one of the comics stronger heroes and since we’ll more than likely see the departure of Bruce Banner and not his death at the hands of Thanos, then we’ll need a powerful hero to take his place.

Wolverine – Because every cast of characters needs a wild card. If Disney does in fact acquire the rights to Fox Studios and regain control of their sold off properties, how could they not bring in a fan favorite to introduce the X-Men world. As a stipulation, Hugh Jackman stated the only way he’d reprise the role would be in an Avengers capacity. Whether he was joking or not, Marvel would be wise to reach out to the Logan star and gauge interest. If not, transitioning to a younger version of the character wouldn’t be as much of a stretch either.

All these characters are connected in one way or another. If they’re not they will be. Disney has invested a lot of money into Marvel and to keep their stories fresh and keep their box office train chugging along they’ll need to shift focus. Maybe one or two of the original cast of Avengers makes it through to the new crop but it’s highly unlikely. While it might be sad to see them go, in the comic book world nothing is ever permanent. There are plenty of ways to write them off as well as bring them back on. Depending on his fate at the end of Infinity War, some would assume Doctor Strange may play a part in future films.[RickTwitter]

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