Kennywood: It’s Not Phantom’s Revenge, But Sky Rocket Is Still A Great Coaster

Phantom’s Revenge is widely regarded as the best coaster at Kennywood. Although, you can’t forget about Sky Rocket. While not on par with the 200+ foot Phantom, it packs quite the punch. And fans would agree, as it has been a staple at Kennywood since 2010.

Built by Premier Rides, Sky Rocket lives up to its name. You’re going to get a thrill from the opening act of this coaster. While not as intense as some other launched attractions at other parks, Sky Rocket does feature a rather intense 0-50 mph launch in 3 seconds. You’re then shot up into a 95-foot top hat.

Sky Rocket features an amazing cutback inversion, which occurs at the beginning of the ride. You’ll also go through a pretty forceful Zero-G roll right before the mid-course brake run. There’s also a few other corkscrew elements throughout the coaster as well.


Kennywood has some great coasters. I’ve only done three of them (Phantom’s Revenge, Exterminator, and Sky Rocket). And while I did like Sky Rocket, it’s my least favorite of the three. That’s still quite impressive though, as I thought both Phantom’s Revenge and Exterminator were extraordinary rides. Sky Rocket was itself a great coaster, just not on par with the others.

What’s nice about Sky Rocket are the cars. Instead of an over the shoulder restraint, you’re only given a lap bar. This allows for a much more intense experience. The main key is to not click the lap bar all the way down. But, the ride attendants did staple me into the car. This not only hurts but limits airtime.

It’s not vital to make a trip to Kennywood just for Sky Rocket. Enjoy the other coasters and attractions the park has. If you go for just one ride at Kennywood make it Phantom’s Revenge or a classic woodie (Which I didn’t go on any during my recent trip). If you’ve got time to spare at the park, and the line is relatively short, then this coaster is the perfect coaster for you to try.

Don’t get me wrong, this coaster is one I absolutely love. I just felt, of the three coasters I did at Kennywood, this was the weakest. However, that’s a testament to the rides and attractions at Kennywood. There’s no beating the fun and enjoyment this park offers.


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