Dallas Mavericks: Real Life Animal House

The 2017-2018 season has not been well for the Dallas Mavericks. They currently stand in 14th place in the West. They have a one-game lead over the Phoenix Suns for the last spot. It seems that it has now gone from bad to worse. There is an upcoming Sports Illustrated article that is set to come out and expose what was going on behind the scenes for some time. It is worth mentioning that none of what took place involved the players. This was more of the front office.


According to the report, then team president and CEO, Terdema Ussery, was making the life for any women that worked for the Mavericks organization a nightmare. He would make a ton of sexual comments. It got to the point that he told one woman that he would leave his wife if they would have sex. There was even talk of Ussery turning to a former employee and asking her if she was going to get “gang-banged”. It seemed that no woman that worked for the Dallas Mavericks wanted to be in an elevator with this guy alone. It also seemed that he came off as being the one on the top of the mountain. Ultimately making the work environment uneasy. His feeling was that the women weren’t going to complain since he was their boss. He ended up leaving in 2015.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks was asked about these findings. In essence, Cuban was surprised by the allegations referencing he had no prior knowledge. He said that if it isn’t regarding on-court issues then he isn’t made aware of it. He is only there for the big things and not the day-to-day stuff that goes on. I call bull to that because the Mavs must have said something about this at some point. He gets updates, so it is beyond me to the fact that he didn’t know this was happening.



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