San Diego Padres: Eric Hosmer brings more to the team than great stats

SAN DIEGO, Calif (Feb. 20, 2018)- On February 19, the San Diego Padres got more than just a great player when they signed free agent first basemen Eric Hosmer. What they got was a leader, something this team has drastically needed for quite some time.

Last season for the Kansas City Royals, Hosmer hit 25 homers with 94 RBIs and a .318 average. Those numbers are impressive. Nonetheless, the stats are not the only thing that makes Eric Hosmer worth the $144 million that the team picked him up for.

Yes, it is good to have players that put up decent numbers. However, it’s best when the player puts up numbers and serves the organization favorably in the public light. Oftentimes we forget, that when players step off the field they are a representation of the organization as a whole. Every move they make reflects one way or another on the team itself and its fans.

His agent Scott Boras spoke of his leadership abilities at the winter meetings by saying.

“When you talk about the player’s ability to go in the locker room — whether it’s the last game of the season, the first game, after a losing streak, and he walks up and he does his routine — he sets the example,” Boras said, “He makes sure that he knows each of his teammates’ routine and makes sure they execute their routine. He is pulled aside in a walkway to the locker room by the owner. (The owner) says to him what he sees and what he would like from a player to be communicated to the locker room. His manager comes up to him after batting practice and says, ‘Where are we at?’ And he knows.”

Obviously, this would be a great advantage to every team, but the Padres may need this more than anyone.  The San Diego Padres currently have six of the top one hundred prospects in major league baseball. Along with the third best farm system in the league according to

Having big name talent is not what wins championships in Major League Baseball. It is having a team with a great culture that empowers one another for a common goal.

The Houston Astros are a living embodiment of this, last season they won the world series with the 18th highest payroll, defeating the team with the first highest payroll. The Astros have a leader in Jose Altuve that helped mentor the younger guys which made them great. That is exactly what the San Diego Padres picked up in Eric Hosmer and why they will be a team to watch the next five seasons with Hosmer at first.

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