NFL: Tag or Not to Tag, That is the Question

With the franchise tag window opening up on Tuesday, there are several players that may or may not face a tag by their current team. Their current NFL team has already identified some players. Players like DeMarcus Lawrence and Ben Ijalana have been told where they stand. The NFL tag window is open until March 6. Here is a look at some other tag candidates and what I think the team will do.

  1. Sheldon Richardson – Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks strongly need Richardson to anchor their defensive line. The Seattle defense struggled until the arrival of Richardson. It will be hard for them to try to move on. Prediction = Tagged

  1. Sammy Watkins – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams acquired Watkins in a trade last off-season from the Buffalo Bills. Furthermore, they knew that they would have to make a decision on his expiring contract. So, with one of the best young nucleus in the NFL, Les Snead tries to keep it together. Prediction = Tagged

  1. Kyle Fuller – Chicago Bears

The Bears have one of the sneakiest defenses in the NFL. Especially when it comes to defending the pass. With a rookie head coach, keeping veterans around is what is best. Fuller can be that vet. Prediction = Tagged

  1. Jarvis Landry – Miami Dolphins

The young veteran WR of the Dolphins has been the talk of the team. Will he or won’t he stay in Miami. However, I think the bigger question could be who will be the Dolphins QB in 2018? Prediction = Tagged.

  1. Justin Pugh – New York Giants

The offensive line woes of the Giants are not a secret. However, one of the better players up front if Pugh. Hence, if the Giants want to keep Eli Manning upright, they need to pay Pugh. Prediction = Tagged

  1. Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins

The saga with Cousins and Redskins will continue until March 6. Although the franchise is dumb to tag him, it would be just like them to do it. Nonetheless, I honestly think they got it right with the Alex Smith trade and they should get this right. Prediction = Not Tagged

These players along with many others around the NFL will be looking to receive big paydays. That will come from either their current team or somewhere new. Thus, these are some of the best time for fans of the NFL.

Do you think these players will see the tag or not? Leave a comment below.

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